October 9, 2019
Linda Sullivan
Applique Stitch Lab
colorwerks workshop

Boost your appliqué IQ! Loaded with super practical tips and tricks, these workshops are a great way for students to learn or brush up on easy machine appliqué. Students will learn a variety of methods to prepare their shapes for appliqué and perfect their own “unique machine appliqué stitch” during class. Along the way, they’ll also learn how to use a variety of fun decorative stitches to texturize their appliqués and gain the confidence they need to appliqué the day away!

November 13, 2019
Becky McDaniel

Orange Peel

Technique is Machine Appliqué (with foundation that puffs after washing)


Make this scrappy Orange Peel pillow using a foundation paper on the inside of your appliqué, that when soaked will change to a puffed fiber. Because your appliqué fabric will be pre-washed and shrunk and the rest of your fabric will not, this will pull your stitches into your base fabric making the stitches disappear!

2020 Programs

Jan - Peggy Martin

Feb - Janett Rice - Creating with curves and circles

Mar - Jenny Carr Kinney

Apr - Quilt Show Prep

May - Gina Perkes-Tidwell

Jun - Comfort Givers

Jul - Latifah Saafir

Sep - Jenny Lyon

Oct - Cindy Myers

Nov - Jean Impey