January 10, 2024 : "Tea at Five" with Cristina Arcenqui Bono

via Zoom

Do you love coloring but are too afraid to do it on a quilt? I will discuss with you my tricks and secrets on applying pen to fabric. On top of that we will quilt a little wall hanging that looks like it has been pieced although no piecing or appliqué is involved. I will also show you how different threads can make a big impact in the final result.
Level: Beginner / Intermediate

The fees are $35 for Members and $50 for non-members payable via check or Pay Online

To Register: contact Vanessa Buescher at info@camarilloquilters.com

A supply list will be provided once registered.

To sign-up, go to the Shop page


February 14, 2024 : "How to Shoot Your Quilt" with

Trudy Cleveland

via Zoom


You willreceive instruction on taking photographs with a smartphone including whole quilt view, close-up, portrait view, back of quilt and label.  Also, you'll learn how to adjust: Crop, Exposure, Contrast, Saturation and Brilliance.  At the completion of the workshop, you will be able to shoot an image and make adjustments making the image POP!