January 14, 2020
Adventures in Color
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Color is often the first thing we notice in a quilt, affecting our response to it in an emotional way. Free up your own creativity in your quilts by learning the importance of "value" as well as color and by looking at a variety of strategies and approaches to working with color in new ways.

2020 Programs

Feb - Janett Rice: Off the Straight and Narrow

Mar - Jenny Carr Kinney:  Quilting Designs from the Past

Apr - Quilt Show Prep

May - Gina Perkes-Tidwell: How Should I Quilt This

Jun - Comfort Givers

Jul - Latifah Saafir: How Many Ways to Sew a Curve

Sep - Jenny Lyon: My Journey through Artistic Muddle

Oct - Cindy Myers: Coloring my Quilt World

Nov - Jean Impey: Finding your Passion & Running with It