October 8, 2019

Linda Sullivan - Colourwerks
Trunk Show


Who would have guessed that two professionals from television would discover their life long passion in quilting and go on to create new careers, own a quilt shop and design a line of best selling patterns? In this one hour lecture, Linda - along with her partner, Carl - will take you on their colourful, crazy, quilty journey that started some 18 years ago with the very first Linderella quilt designs to their current obsession for pure colour within their new company, Colourwerx. Lots of show & tell and lots of quilts!

November 12, 2019
Becky McDaniel - Applique
Trunk Show

Becky describes her lecture:
My lecture is about my "Applique Journey", where I give a trunk show and talk about several types of applique I do in my projects. I hand out samples so that you can have a hands on during my talk 🙂

December 10, 2019
Comfort Givers & Holiday Party

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