Starting January 2020, submit a numbered list of quilt UFO’s with your name on top. Describe color or theme, approximate size, and type of each item, keep a copy for you.

Starting in February submit your UFO and a one-time $5 cash or check made out to CQA. A raffle ticket will be given for each completed quilted project that is on the list.

Cash prize drawings in December.

For more info or questions, contact: Maribeth Benedict

Example of the UFO List

Name, email address

  1. Blue/white Crib                      Patchwork quilt
  2. Purple/pink  Queen                Bargello quilt
  3. Red/Green 4 @ 20”x15”       Patchwork Placemats
  4. Multi color Lap                       Appliqué quilt
  5. Pastel Wall                              Art Landscape quilt
  6. Black/beige King                    Yo-Yo quilt
  7. Fall Theme Wall                      Felted appliqué
  8. Multi color Queen                  Baltimore Album quilt